Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kayentavenator lives!

Took long enough eh?

Congrats to old forum friend Rob Gay on finally seeing his baby hit print. You may know Rob for his work on cannibalism (or lack thereof) in Coelophysis. But those of you old-guard denizens of paleontology-related forums may know him better as Guy Stabbing a Pineapple. (See portrait to the left: Rob is on the right.)

Rob helped create a very early piece of DinoGoss by leaking his own planned name for this new find on a private forum. Kayentavenator elysiae is named for the Kayenta Formation, where it was found, and for Rob's now-wife. It's a potential basal tetanuran, though some have already cast doubt on that interpretation. I'm still working on getting the paper so details will have to be left to other blogs for now. I'll leave you with this 2005 entry in my Hallucinogene series of comic-style paleo-art depicting Kayentavenator looking over a stylized southwestern landscape.


  1. So that picture is of Kayentavenator! I've always wondered.

  2. Yup! Still don't have the paper but that was based on a skeletal Rob made of it back in the day. The skull etc. are of course speculative, but he drew a crest like that for the skeletal so I went with it.

  3. I remember that cartoon, but I totally forget the story of how Rob got to be Pineapple Guy.