Thursday, August 26, 2010

Trendsetting: DinoGoss Committed (or possibly Commended)

Just a quick note that the blog over at is featuring DinoGoss among a multitude of far more worthy paleo-blogs, intended to be a list of resources for Paleontology students. I can't say I disagree with any of the selections, and most of these are mandatory subscriptions for anyone interested in paleo.

As you can probably tell, the main impetus for this post was as an excuse to use a picture from Back to the Future II.

While I'm here, and advertising myself, I might as well post a link to my ongoing attempt to put together a "field guide" to the lower Yixian Formation flora and fauna. You can check out the gallery at DeviantArt. And don't be afraid to comment on them, the harsher the anatomical nitpicks, the better!


  1. Hey, you deserve it! In my opinion this blog is definitely up there with the greats*, and it features quite a lot of info not easily found elsewhere!

    *Okay, no one (or at least very few) can beat Tet Zoo, but.

  2. Surprisingly I was also listed.. This isn't the first time but I'm always struck oddly when I realize people are reading the blog...